Meet Dr. Atoosa

As a recent graduate from the world renowed Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Dr. Atoosa is on the leading edge on health care. A thorough understanding of human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics blended with a passion to reduce pain and repair injury Dr. Atoosa is here to help you heal and stay healthy for the future.

Growing up and working through undergraduate and chiropractic programs Dr. Atoosa has always been excited about health. In her own life she has been dedicated to regular physical activity and proper nutrition. Building on these good habits with education and clinical experience she is now sharing that knowledge and building those habits for patients across North York and the GTA.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic

To provide the best possible care Dr. Atoosa uses a mutli-faceted approach melding traditional and modern healing techniques. Being able to treat joints, muscles, their related nerves and connective tissues she is able to not only address a symptomatic area but improve the health of all of the tissues, joints and structures that may have played a part in the development of that injury. 

Ergonomics and Rehabilitation

After helping an injury start the healing process Dr. Atoosa looks to a more holistic level to see what aspect of your life, work and play may have contributed to the original injury or that may affect your return to full health. With a strong knowledge in work and exercise ergonomics, biomechanics and rehab techniques Dr. Atoosa can help you continue your recovery from healing an injury to helping you improve the way you work and exercise to minimize the risk of such injuries returning.

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