In their education chiropractors become highly proficient in understanding conditions of the musculoskeletal system with an expertise in those affecting the spine. The conditions presented below represent many of the common conditions seen by chiropractors and may help you better understand your own health. As you read keep in mind that no two individuals will experience an injury in the same way and these descriptions represent common causes and symptoms.

Low back pain

Over 70% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their life. It presents as anything from a 'tweak' to completely thrown out and its causes can be simple or serious. Read More


Experienced by 90% of the population every year, headaches are a common condition with a spectrum of causes and variable symptoms. Three common types are migraine, tension and cervicogenic. Read More

Neck Pain

Considered a plague by many office workers neck pain often results from the repetitive strain of bad office ergonomics. Neck pain can also be the root of headaches and carpal tunnel like syndromes. Read More

Shoulder pain

While throwing a ball your shoulder goes in a full circle, spins 180 degrees and rolls from reaching way back to reaching all the way forward. All that movement leaves our shoulders prone to injury. Read More

Knee pain

Knee injuries are incredibly common. For some it can be a short lived tweak and for the unfortunate; a life long struggle. With so many types and sources of knee pain let's start with the basics of an... Read More

Plantar Fasciitis

Throughout the course of a day we take thousands of steps. Loading our feet with our entire body weight each time. This can quickly add up to an increadible amount of joint and ligament stress in just... Read More
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